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                  Hand Crafted Martial Arts Wooden Dummies                




 Hand - Crafted and Custom Made Mook Jongs / Wooden Dummies in San Antonio,Texas

We Proudly Present The Best Prices Anywhere!!!  

Wood Dummy / Mook Jong  Order Process

All mook jongs may be purchased locally, or shipped nationwide. We sell our high quality hand-crafted wooden dummies at affordable prices plus shipping. These units are mobile and can be easily assembled and disassembled in minutes for storage,private instruction or travel.We may have the Wood Man Trainer you choose in stock.
But if we do not,we can construct one in 10 to 45 days.
Depending on back orders and order placement.Call now to order your mook jong for faster delivery time!

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Traditional Models

 Additional Services

Staining - $100.00

High Gloss Finish - $100.00

Punch Pads - set of two - $75.00

Fixed Pad twist - set of 3 - $100.00

Rope wrap - $75.00

Rope Wrap Arms - $75.00

Weather proofing - $150.00

Antiquing - $150.00

Wood Carving - Starting at $75.00

* Wood Burning & Engraving *

Name or initials 

Martial arts insignia

starting at  $50.00



1.) 5ft. Naked Traditional Free Standing Wing Chun Model 

Regular Price - $550.00    $439.00

Order Now And Save!!!


 Woodman Trainer 
are Unique


All Wood Construction

Hand Crafted 

 Free Standing Design


Custom Orders Available

WholeSale Purchasing



*Free Standing Models*

*Stand Mounted Models*

*Wall Mounted Models*

*Studio Models*



2.) 5ft. red mahogany stained traditional wing chun model.(Left side view)   $650.00 

2) 5ft. red mahogany stained traditional wing chun model.(Right side view) $650.00 

3) 5ft. Black stained traditional wing chun model - $650.00

4) Americanized 6ft.Raw traditional wing chun gung fu model $650.00 

Mook Jung and Wood Dummies | San Antonio, TX

5) Americanized 6ft.raw traditional wing chun model.With soft pragmatic arms. $650.00         Punch Pads - $75.00

Handcrafted and Custom Made Wing Chun in San Antonio,Texas

6) Americanized 6ft. brown stained traditional wing chun gung fu model - $750.00

Wooden Dummies, Mook Jong Dummy | San Antonio, TX 

5ft. Raw Traditional Ving Tsun Model



Old Grand Master

This model has a heavy distress finish that is very beautiful because it looks hundreds of years old.Truly one of a kind!!!

Also comes in the 6ft. model


The Oakman Trainer

This model is highly unique because it is constructed of authentic exotic antique hand milled red oak and Texas live oak planks from south Texas in the 1800s.This is truly one of a kind in the entire world

5ft. Traditional wing chun model - $995.00

6ft. Wing chun model - $1095.00  

Oakman trainer

The oakman trainer with a hemp rope wrap

 5ft. - $1070.00


Oakman Trainer

The oakman trainer with a red braided rope wrap

6ft. - $1170.00

5ft. Raw traditional wing chun free standing and wall or frame mounted model - $589.00

Stained & Glossed - $689.00




NEW and UNIQUE MODELS FROM WOODMAN TRAINER - To Enhance Your Martial Arts Training


Set up your training room with a woodman trainer that can take
a beating, never complains, never gets injured, never gets butt hurt and is always on time and is always
waiting on you to train with! 

           Call and place your order now!!               

                    contacting us at (888) 684- 2084 in San Antonio, Texas.