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                  Hand Crafted Martial Arts Dummies $250.00               


 5ft. Raw traditional Mook Jong - $599.00 Gallery 1

5ft. PVC Traditional Wing Chun Model - $389.00 Gallery 1

5ft. Raw Traditional Wing Chun Stand Or Wall Mounted Model - $599.00 - Gallery 1


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5ft. Red mahogany traditional wing chun model

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 Future Martial Arts Masters in Training
As a martial arts master in training, you need a mook jong to maximize your hand eye coordination and sensitivity conditioning, to complete and perfect your training,while honing your skills and enhancing your reflexes and speed to reach your maximum impact potential, through proper upper body movement and footwork. Not to mention the amazing health benefits that include weightloss and physical therapy, range of motion, circulation, joint pain relief. At Wood Man Trainer of San Antonio, Texas, we design our own for your skill enhancement & martial arts education.Our Martial arts instructors have 11 years of experience designing, making and selling these handcrafted fight training works of art. Email us today to place your order.


Free Standing Fight Trainers

The woodman trainers are a one of a kind hand crafted high quality work of art.Constructed tough and rugged with a rough & tumble look. Yet have an elegant high quality appearance that looks great when displayed in any home,school or training environment ! Also our free standing unique design wooden dummies require minimal space to set up (apartments,den,patio,corner of a room,etc.) and is the perfect training equipment for honing your reflexes and speed and technique. These wooden dummies are handcrafted and may have imperfections that add to their natural beauty and character.The wood dummies are all wood construction and are 4' ,  5' , 6' in height and 10" in diameter.With 6 finishes to choose from:

1.) Dirty antique matte finish.Comes in brown,black or red mahogany.Makes your mook jong look rough & tough! 

 2.) Raw & smooth.This finish gives you the option to stain & gloss it yourself and claim the fame!

3.) Natural wood with a glossy finish.Looks really good! 

 4.) Brown,red mahogany or black stain with a glossy finish.This finish is the spectacular traditional look!    

5.) Ancient grand master finish.This is a heavy distressed and high gloss finish that makes the mook jong look over 100 years old. But really beautiful!

6.) Weatherproof finish.This finish gives exceptional protection from sunlight,rain , moisture & temperature changes for outdoor training and storage.

 But more importantly! We have 5 free standing high quality designs to choose from:

1.)The traditional wing chun round body and circular arms design.And we all know how great they are for sensitivity drills, fight training sets ,tactics and fitness and developing speed, lighting fast reflexes, coordinated power, etc! This model is very popular with law enforcement personal.   

Exclusive Fight Training Design

2.) Our exclusive fight training octagon close combat target focus model develops all the skills and the health benefits of the traditional wing chun model,plus centers and develops your strike focus.

Perfect Martial Arts Training Equipment


The Octagon shaped body design will effectively & simultaneously develop split second target awareness & precision strike focus ! Our octagon body design will train you to palm strike and use variations of strikes at full speed & power while simutaneously avoiding the subtle corners when striking ,it takes alot of concentration and focus to avoid those corners at full speed, and you will learn how to strike,chop or elbow the flat surface and palm strike the subtle corners of the mook jong to avoid injury to your hands and elbows! With the close combat target focus woodman trainer you have two target areas on one design to train with! In short, with the close combat target focus woodman trainer octagon design you will learn how to strike so you don't injure your hands when you are in an actual combat situation.So why not train to avoid injury in advance,which can be done with our free standing close combat target focus design.It also comes with the close combat training leg that is designed to train powerful leg sweeps and leg hooks,ankle snaps.It also has the hard & soft pragmatic arms that condition and toughen up your arms rapidly. And incidentally our close combat target focus model is our most popular training model, especially with military special forces personal! Feel free to contact our experienced instructors for more design details.

3.) The truly effective JKD spring arm trapping & entry drills model that comes in the close combat target focus or wing chun body,it also comes in a unique rectangular shaped body.

4.) The advanced training 2 in 1 combination model that comes in the traditional wing chun or close combat target focus design and can be ordered with the 20" extended arm attachment for training joint locks & throws,making it a 3 in 1 combination dummy,also very popular with military special forces personal and night club coolers & bouncers.  

5.) The studio edition 3 linear or triangle models that come in the wing chun or the famous octagon target focus design.




Advanced Training

Wing Chun JKD 2 in 1 woodman trainer model 

JKD Trapping drills removable spring fist arm

2 in 1 combination model - Gallery 2



Order your woodman trainer today and hone your skills to perfection with the training partner that's always waiting for you to train with and can take a beating but never gets injured or butt hurt!


The new Oakman Trainer Model


  Order your free standing mook jong today and see how our unique octagon target focus design improves your close combat training and martial arts skills.Our design requires minimal space to set up! We guarantee the most competitive prices on the internet on all our high-quality designs.


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